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This week around the web

1) The biggest news for developers this week was definitely that Digital Ocean has secured just over $37 million in a Series A funding led by Andreessen Horowitz. Digital Ocean has experienced explosive growth over the past year and a half, but that growth hasn't come without a few hiccups. Hopefully this helps the firm sort out some of its outstanding issues, especially (from my wishlist) latency to its new Singapore datacentre and the lack of ability to assign multiple IP addresses to a single VPS instance.

2) It's not from this week, but I found it this week, and it's still relevant: Forbes published an article entitled How The Syrian Electronic Army Hacked Us: A Detailed Timeline . The hacking boils down to three main factors: 1) Lots of phishing, 2) Human error/carelessness, and 3) Using WordPress as a CMS. I keep hearing from people how there are these great new security tools to keep WordPress safe. And the more I hear about them, the more it seems I hear about a WordPress site getting hacked.

If you're going to use WordPress, fine. But keep to some rules: 1) Don't use third party extensions or plugins, 2) Don't keep anything you don't want stolen in the WP database, 3) Use the WP database in an isolated environment, and 4) Don't use third party extensions or plugins.

3) Nicholas Carlson from Business Insider published a good look at some of the ways employees at startups are getting shortchanged . A must read for anyone in the industry.

4) The GitHub Developer program is now open. See you there!

5) Netflix has joined Facebook and is now blocking use of the Chrome developer console. Stupid, bad, useless. If you want to stop this nonsense, run the following line in a Chrome extension to stop the blocking from working:

Object.defineProperty(window, 'console', {configurable: false, value: window.console});

6) Snapchat still isn't secure

Remember, kids: If your phone can display something for ten seconds, it can display it forever. Let's see if Snapchat moves to real DRM.

7) Salon published this: Robert Reich: WhatsApp is everything wrong with the U.S. economy (another one from last month!)

I don't agree. A full post is in order on this.